Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Winter Holidays Around the World" Social Studies Workshop at The Roosevelt Island School G&T Class

Students at K003 G&T class at The Roosevelt Island School loved hearing about Hanukkah and Ethiopian New Year (Enqutatash) this week. We are fortunate to have families from so many different backgrounds in the class! The main point of the "Winter Holidays Around the World" Social Studies workshop is not only to introduce children to cultural diversity, but also to bring parents to class and show kids how serious we are about their education. As those parents who have already volunteered know, your child is so proud of seeing you in THEIR class!

During this winter season children will also learn about Russian New Year, Chinese New Year, and Three Kings Day. If you haven't scheduled your visit to class yet, please contact Ms. C. to do so. Thank you for your continued contributions to our class! It benefits so much from increased parental involvement -- a very important part of all successful G&T programs!

And here's one of the videos that we watched in class during the Ethiopian New Year presentation. Children loved dressing up in traditional Ethiopian clothing, playing drums, and dancing to this music!

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