Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekly Update from the P.S./I.S. 217 (Roosevelt Island School) PTA

Thank you to all our families that attended the Spring Concert of PS/IS 217 this past Wednesday, June 8th! We were treated to an evening of music with choral selections by the Kindergarten - 2nd grade students. They were amazing at their singing and filled the auditorium with their voices! Thank you to the older students who participate in band and put in hours of extra practice to perform your pieces - well done to all of you!
A big thank you to Mr. Solow and his dedication in bringing music to our school, students and offering such an enjoyable evening for our families with his concerts!
Thank you to Early Childhood Specialist Don Duerr which has spent time in 217 this past year. He gave his final workshop on 'Raising Confident Boys' during the early part of June. Those in attendance enjoyed learning about how we as parents, caregivers and community helpers can help boys reach their full potential. The main source of information came from the book & documentary - 'Raising Cain: Exploring the Inner Lives of America's Boys" by Michael Thompson. It comes highly recommended! Other resources we as parents might be interested in, are:
  • "The Minds of Boys: Saving Our Sons from Falling Behind in School and Life" by Michael Gurian
  • "Speaking of Boys" by Michael Thompson
  • "How to Say It to Boys" by Richard Heyman


Tuesday, June 14th - Friday, June 17th - SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR at the School Library (2nd floor)
This is our 3rd Book Fair for the school year, and we have earned a BUY ONE - GET ONE FREE Event!!
Purchase any item and you will receive the next item {of equal or lesser value} completely free! You can purchase unlimited amounts - you can buy any amount of books and get the same amount for free!
This is a fabulous opportunity to buy books that your child can enjoy for their summer reading! Book Fair pamphlet's will be sent home Monday or Tuesday from school - this is a small sampling of the hundreds and hundreds of books that are set up in the library! With the Book Fair brochure will be a flier to let you know what day and time your child will come to the Book Fair with their class. If you would like your child to purchase items during their class visit, please send an envelope clearly marked with:
1) your child's name 2) their teacher's name 3) amount enclosed in their envelope 4) books that you would like them to purchase (see the Book Fair pamphlet), or a note stating that you will allow them to choose their own books {*this is especially for those students in Pre-K through 1st grades}
Parents we would appreciate and need your help for this final volunteer event! Please contact Summer Lord if you have any time to come and help at the Book Fair!Volunteers are needed Tuesday (6/14) - Friday (6/17), from 8:30am - 3pm.Parents are also invited to come to the Book Fair and meet with their child's class - please see the flier to find out what day/time they will be visiting the fair so you can meet them in the library!
If you can volunteer or have any questions, please contact Summer Lord at


  • MONDAY, June 13th - HALF-DAY OF SCHOOL, dismissal at 11:38am
  • FRIDAY, June 17th - Student Leadership Team (SLT) Meeting at 7:30am (in the conference room/school office). Parents are invited to attend this meeting of an elected parent group and staff of 217. Items pertaining to the school are discussed - such as curriculum, positive feedback, concerns, etc. If a vote is required, only SLT members may vote.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekly Update from the P.S./I.S. 217 (Roosevelt Island School) PTA

Congratulations to Class 401 and 402 on the superb performances for Gold Opera last Tuesday (May 31st). Audience members were treated to each classes original performance that they worked on for the past month with Mr. Richard and Ms. Christina. The classes brainstormed their own idea, wrote out the storyline and then Mr. Richard took the story and set it to music with Ms. Christina working on choreography and staging.
Class 401 performing "Gardens are Magical Places"
It was amazing to hear the results as each class sang an original opera that told a unique story they had worked so hard on for the past month. What incredibly talented students 217 has! And many thanks to Ms. Specker (401) and Ms. Rubenstein (402) for their support and working with their classes on this exciting endeavor.
Class 402 performing "Royal Revelation"
  • June, 6 (Mon) - Birthday Celebration with the Principal @2:15 pm
    Parents are invited - please arrive at 2pm (in the school cafeteria). Don't forget your camera!
  • June, 7 (Tues) - HALF DAY - early dismissal @11:38 am
  • June, 8 (Wed) - Spring Concert & PTA Bake Sale @ 5:30 pm
  • June, 9 (Thurs) - NO SCHOOL
  • June, 10 (Friday) - Dare to Care Assembly
    Everyone is invited to attend! 8:40am in the School Auditorium
  • June, 13 (Mon) - HALF DAY - early dismissal @11:38 am
  • June, 13 (Mon) - Meet & Greet Social for new Kindergarten students @1:30 pm
  • June, 14-17 (Tues-Fri) - Book Fair 8:30am - 3pm each day
  • June, 17 (Fri) - School Leadership Team meeting @7:30 am
  • June, 28 (Tues) - Last Day of School!


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