Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011 Art Show & Silent Auction at the Roosevelt Island School (P.S./I.S. 217)



Here's your chance to preview all the wonderful items that will be available for bidding this Saturday, April 2nd, at our Art Show & Silent Auction!!
Click HERE to see the brochure showing all current auction items

Some highlighted items are:

  • NEW Nintendo DS 3D with starter kit & game from Best Buy in LIC
  • TWO opportunities to win a family membership to Manhattan Park outdoor pool
  • Westview pool family membership
  • FOUR opportunities to win a family membership to Octagon tennis courts
  • FOUR opportunities to win a family one year membership to Sportspark
  • wine and other spirits
  • classes for adults and kids in swimming/theatre/dance/cooking/karate/fitness and more
  • clothes for kids
  • jewelry for women and girl's
  • Museum and UN tours and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!
This is only a taste of what you can expect to see at Saturday's exciting Art Show & Silent Auction.
Admission is FREE; crafts for kids are FREE!** Food & drinks also be available for purchase.
Don't forget to check out the always popular TEACHER/ADMINISTRATION AUCTION ITEMS.
Pre-bidding will start Thursday at school! Items like: Pizza Playdate in the Park with your child's teacher, lunch out for older children with their teacher, Principal for a Day for 2 students, Lunch with Ms. Beckman & Ms. Bartolino, Middle School Dean for a Day for 2 middle school students, Secretary/Parent Coordinator for a Day for 2 students, English classes for adults with Mr. Hirsch, Knitting with Ms. Christian, Step Aerobics with Mr. Luce and many more!!! Opportunities for these items are open to grades Pre-K - 8. Be sure to stop by and place your bids starting Thursday!

Don't miss out on this event!! Bring a friend and come see the art your children have created this year during the Studio in a School Art Residency!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly Update from the P.S./I.S. 217 (Roosevelt Island School) PTA


Student of the Month Assembly

SAVE THE DATE - Student of the Month Assemly
Monday, March 28

BOX TOPS for Education for March due Friday, 4/1!

All BOX TOPS collection for the month of March are due on Friday, April 1st!
Please do your best to collect any amount you can - we have raised just over $500 dollars so far this year, and we want to raise $1,000! Let's all work together to reach our goal - ask your friends, neighbors and look around to find BOX TOPS that you can bring in to raise money for PS/IS 217!

Volunteers needed to hang/display the art for the Art Show

Studio in the School that runs our school Art Program needs Parent Volunteers to help hang the art from all the classes for the Art Show! The days for volunteers will be Monday (3/28), Wednesday (3/30), Thursday (3/31) & Friday (4/1). Time will be throughout the day, so if you can come for an hour or more at any time, please contact Summer Lord, or come to the school and check-in at the Art Room or up in the Library - we'll definitely be able to use your help!

Art Show & Silent Auction - Saturday, April 2nd

11:30am - Art Show and Silent Auction opens
1pm - Auction closes, be sure to have your bids in!

Upcoming Events- APRIL

8th (Fri) - Pre-K Applications are due
14th (Thur) - PTA General Meeting 8:45 am
18th (Mon) - 26th (Tues) - Spring Break!

Have a great week!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekly Update from the P.S./I.S. 217 (Roosevelt Island School) PTA



This is the first e-mail that we sent to you via new e-mail system. We decided to use it so we can keep you updated on all the great things that are happening at the PS/IS 217. You will be able to get the information on the upcoming exciting school events and updates on current programs, PTA monthly newsletter, etc. We start with Hawks Happenings for the week of March 21-25.
If you have any questions or suggestions about this new system, please e-mail; or if you don't want to get the school information, you can unsubscribe by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the page (but we really hope you won't do this!).
Best regards,
Natalia Starkova, PS/IS 217 PTA Website Administrator

Hawks Happenings March 21st - 25th

Thank you for your support during Parent/Teacher Conferences and the Middle School Bake Sale & the NYC/Dept. of Education Learning Environment Survey that many of you filled out and turned in that day! If you have not filled out your survey, please do so this week and turn in to the office, or fill out online (click HERE)


$5 Donation for Kindergarten - 5th Grade/Art Baskets!
Please send in a $5 Donation for each child in K - 5th grade! The money will be used to purchase supplies to fill 2 Art Baskets for K-2nd grades, and 3rd-5th grades.
*Please give a sealed envelope to your child's teacher or the office, labeled 'PTA Art Basket Donation' by this Wednesday, March 23rd. THANK YOU!
Donate to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Fund
Mr. Hirsch is working with the Japanese families of PS/IS 217 to raise money for Japan, after the devastation of the Earthquakes and Tsunami. 100% of funds raised are donated to Mayor Bloomberg's Fund to Advance New York City/Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Fund. You may give money to Mr. Hirsch or donate online by clicking HERE .
Fill out the Learning Survey
The information in the surveys distributed to every school in NYC is vital to making our schools - and particularly PS/IS 217 - the best place possible for our children to learn, grow and succeed! Survey questions assess the school community's opinions on academic expectations, communication, engagement, and safety and respect. School leaders can use the survey to better understand their own school's strengths and target areas for improvement.
If you have not received your survey:
  • stop by the office and pick up your survey
  • click HERE to fill out the survey online
Be sure Saturday, April 2nd has a big, red circle around the date! The Art Show & Silent Auction is from 11:30am - 2pm, auctions will open immediately and close at 1pm.
There are many parts that make this event possible and a huge success - two main parts are throughDONATIONS and PARENT VOLUNTEERS! Please read through for updates, and how we need your help!
$5 Donations for Art Baskets
Kindergarten - 5th graders are asked to bring in $5 that will be put towards purchasing amazing Art Baskets that you will be able to bid on at the Silent Auction!
Middle School - Baking Baskets
6th - 8th grade students are asked to bring in items or $5 to put towards a Baking Basket that will be up for bidding at the Silent Auction! Example of items - cookie sheet, muffin tins, baking mixes, measuring cups/spoons, cupcake liners, special seasonings, etc.
Contact Kristi Towey at if you have any questions regarding the donations for either Art or Baking Baskets. Also, please contact Kristi if you are still in the process of getting a donation of a goods/service or through a business. Deadline for donations to the baskets and donations for the auction are Wednesday, March 23rd!
VOLUNTEER Opportunities and needs: Class Art Projects, Hanging Art for the Show & Art Show/Silent Auction
Please contact Summer Lord at if you can volunteer for any of the following:
  • Class Projects - Kindergarten - 5th grade classes are working on an Art Project that will be put up for auction during the Silent Auction. Volunteers are needed with your child's class on the day they will be working on their project, total time will be about 1-3 hours.
  • Hanging Art for the Show - Studio in the School is looking for Parent Volunteers to help hang the art from all the classes for the Art Show! The days for volunteers will be Wednesday (3/30) - Friday (4/1). Time to be determined - please contact Summer for more info.
  • Set-up & working the Art Show/Auction & clean-up
*any amount of time you can help, from 1 hour to a few hours is appreciated!*
Set-Up / Friday (April 1st): 5 - 9pm AND Saturday (April 2nd): 9am - 11am
Event / Saturday (April 2nd): (half-hour beforehand) 11am - 2pm
Clean-Up (April 2nd): 2 - 4pm


March, 28th (Mon) Student of the Month Assemblies & BOX TOPS for March due!
April, 2nd (Sat) Student Art Show & Spring Silent Auction FundraiserApril, 8th (Fri) Pre-K Applications are due April, 18th (Mon) - 26th(Tues) Spring Break!


©2011 PS/IS 217 PTA | Roosevelt Island School
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 2011 P.S./I.S. 217 (The Roosevelt Island School) PTA Newsletter

P.S./I.S. 217 (The Roosevelt Island School) March 2011 PTA Newsletter

Weekly Update from the P.S./I.S. 217 (Roosevelt Island School) PTA

Hawks Happenings
1st week of March! 


Monday, March 7th - NO PRESCHOOL!  

Wednesday, March 9th - March Birthday Celebration!
2:15pm, Cafeteria 
Students with a March birthday, are invited for a Celebration with our Principal, Mrs. Beckman.
Parents are invited to come help serve cake, take pictures & enjoy the celebration!  Please arrive @ 2pm. Contact Aiesha Eleusizov with any questions:

Thursday, March 10th -  Parent Social/Coffee Gathering for Middle School 
& Incoming Middle School for 5th Grade Parents (2 times!)
Morning: 8:45am
Evening: 6pm {follow the signs posted at the school for location}
Join us for either time that is convenient for your schedule (morning/evening), but plan to stop by for a hello with other parents, a chance to chat and get to know other & new parents. Incoming parents of 5th graders are invited - please come!

Friday, March 11th - School Leadership Team (SLT) Meeting
7:30am - Any interested parent can sit in for this meeting between Administration/Teachers and body of Elected Parents.  

The PTA is excited to host our 
Come support your child, the art program and our school by attending and bidding to win great items donated by local businesses!  We are asking for parental support in seeking out donations from businesses you frequent or business owners you know....papers will be sent home explaining more about donations and how to help secure a donation.  

Please contact Kristi Towey/Fundraising Chair at to help on the donation committee or to help on any part of the Silent Auction/Art Show.  We welcome your support and help as the event is put together!  

7 (Mon) No School for Pre-Kindergarden students
9 (Wed)  Birthday with the principal @2:15 pm
10 (Thurs) Middle School Parent Coffee Hours @8:45 am and @6 pm
11 (Fri) School Leadership Team meeting @7:30 am
15 (Tue) Half Day - Parent-Teacher Conferences
15 (Tue) Middle School Bake Sale Fundraiser 
16 (Wed) School Tour @8:45 am
17 (Thurs) PTA General Meeting @6 pm
28 (Mon) Student of the Month Assemblies
APRIL 2 (Sat)  Student Art Show & Spring Silent Auction Fundraiser 

We are 217!  We are 217!  We are 217!  


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