Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekly Update from the P.S./I.S. 217 (Roosevelt Island School) PTA

Tuesday, May 31st
4th Grade GOLD OPERA Performances 10 am & 5:30 pm (school auditorium)
Please come to hear the original songs that Classes 401 and 402 have written with Gold Opera (professional residency). Each class has worked with the residency for over a month to create their own opera which tells a unique story through song and actions. As other performances at the school - you will want to be there for this!
Class 402 in rehearsal getting ready for their big performance!
Parent Coffee Hour and Workshop for all families with Don Duerr (Early Childhood Social Worker)
Thursday, June 2nd at 8: 30 am, School Library
'Understanding & Raising Boys'
Please join us for this unique opportunity to discuss raising emotionally strong boys. Come to enjoy some coffee, tea or morning beverages & breakfast munchies (please bring something to share) & chatting with other parents. Please stay for the discussion - although not everyone has boys, our children have friends, classmates, cousins that are boys :) It will be worthwhile for all who participate!
General PTA Meeting & 2011/2011 PTA Elections
Thursday, June 2nd at 6pm
Please come to listen to updates about the PTA and most importantly cast your vote for next school year's PTA Executive Board.
Nominations are open until the meeting on Thursday, June 2nd. Please be sure to nominate yourself or someone that would add to the PTA and PS/IS 217 Community!
In order to make the Spring Concert a success, many hands are needed in different areas of the school that evening (and the week prior). Please read below to find a way you can help out. We depend on the support of our parents and families to ensure the success of these events at 217!
1) Kindergarten/1st & 2nd Grade - Choir Dress Rehearsals To help the children line up by height & in the hallway prior to the concert, get on and off the stage area & ensure that every child can be seen during the performance - we need at least TWO PARENTS from each class that is willing to come to dress rehearsals and help out the night of the concert. There are a lot of days that Mr. Solow wants to practice with the classes - parent volunteers need to come to at least ONE rehearsal, to practice with the children and know what to expect the night of the performance.
Please look at the schedule below and email Summer Lord at summerday.lord@gmail.com with the dates you can volunteer. THANK YOU!
  • Friday - June 3rd (8:35am - 9:30am)
  • Monday - June 6th (8:35am - 9:30am)
  • Tuesday - June 7th (8:35am - 9:30am)
  • Wednesday - June 8th (8:35am - 9:30am)
2) Volunteer your time and items for the TREAT TABLE! Please consider helping on the evening of the Spring Concert to volunteer at the Treat Table to sell goodies for a set amount of time (you will be free to watch YOUR child/ren perform! The more hands we have helping the easier it makes it for everyone to see their child!)
And please donate baked goods (cookies, cupcakes, brownies, cakes, etc.), pre-packaged treats and drinks (bottled water, juice boxes, cans of soda) that will be sold the night of the concert on the 1st Floor.
  • Money the PTA raises goes directly to help fund the Music Program & other essentials of the school. For example - Mr. Solow recently received a new and needed keyboard that was funded 100% by the PTA. He is so grateful & pleased to have this needed item as he practices for the Spring Concert with the students. Please help us with this final fundraising night of the school year!
Email Kristi Towey at kristi.pta217@gmail.com with items you can bring & times you can volunteer at the Treat Table.
Casual class pictures were recently taken of the Pre-K through 5th grades for the Teacher Appreciation Bulletin Boards in the lower grades. These pictures will be available to order and purchase! A paper will be sent home at the end of this week (approx. June 2nd or 3rd) with a pre-order sheet that will explain sizes and prices of the photos available for your class. Samples of the pictures can be found on the Bulletin Boards around the school and will be on display the evening of the Spring Concert. If you would like to order a picture (or a few!), please know that you will be able to do so shortly. If you have any questions - please contact Summer Lord at summerday.lord@gmail.com. Many thanks!
CONGRATULATIONS to the 5th Graders on their Ballroom Dance Performance!
Everyone looked fabulous dressed up & showed a great variety of dance steps that they have learned over the past few months with their Ballroom Dance residency. Thank you to all those who have helped raise money for the PTA this year! Through PTA funding, we are able to offer these and other unique & worthwhile experiences to the students in our school!
Final BOOK FAIR the School Year!
This is a special fair where Scholastic offers a BUY ONE - GET ONE FREE book! Purchase one book and then get another of equal or lesser value for FREE! Save your money & get ready to buy your summer reading books during this great deal! More details to come!


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