Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekly Update From P.S./I.S. 217 (The Roosevelt Island School) PTA

Hawks Happenings
For the week of Monday, Oct. 18th  - Friday, October 22nd:

Parents Stepping UP! 

Special Recognition this week goes to 2 groups of volunteers - First, YOU as a Parent and partner for success in your child's education. Second, our Class Parents who have volunteered to work with their child's Classroom Teacher during this school year   

1) YOU as part of the big picture of Parents Stepping UP! 

THANK YOU to all of you that came out to the PTA General Meeting this past Thursday morning at the school.  We had a wonderful turn out, and minutes from the PTA Meeting will be posted on the PTA's website in the near future.  For anyone that did not know about the website, here it is for you to visit frequently!  Another way we wish to give thanks, are for all the parents that are finding a way to give back to the school.  The PTA asks that each parent/caregiver of a child at PS/IS 217 volunteers 1 hour each month during the school year.  1 simple hour that can bring such a great reward to students, staff and the school!   

Volunteering can come through many different opportunities - there are opportunities right within our own child's classroom when approved through their teacher and usually coordinated with the Class Parent.  AND there are many, many opportunities to volunteer with the PTA!  You might also not physically be able to volunteer during school hours, however upcoming are many opportunities to provide service outside school hours, and also for those whose time is very strained, donations to the PTA General Fund to give to the programs at the school is always very appreciated. 

Throughout the year the PTA has fundraisers and activities that we need YOU to be apart of!  Please read through the following events this week, and hopefully you can find at least 1 hour (if you can volunteer more we'll take it!) that you'd like to be part of the great movement of service and volunteering that helps our school and students in great ways!

Thank YOU for stepping up as a VOLUNTEER at your child's school and being part of their school success!  

2) Class Parents are an important part to our school, in that they are a wonderful way teachers can utilize extra help and support for their classroom when, and as, needed.   After coordinating with the teacher on specific events, projects and activities - our Class Parents have an opportunity to reach out to the parents of the class and invite them in for those times that work for the teacher and class schedule.  In order to contact you as parents, it is extremely important that the Class Parents have the email address or contact information for ALL parents in that class.  Please encourage other parents in your child's class to give their names & email to your child's Class Parent so that everyone can receive important updates and information about opportunities to be part of the classroom experience with our children!  

Thank you so much to our Class Parents.  We really appreciate what you have and will do for our students and teachers this year!  

Pre-K/AM ~ Ms. Haya - NEW OPENING!  
{The Class Parent moved overseas - please let me know that you can help Pre-K/AM!}
Pre-K/PM ~ Ms. Haya - Ann Roth (Peyton) 
K001 ~ Ms. Kaplan - Loly Diaz (Nicole) 
K002 ~ Ms. Mermel - Kiran Purohit (Amrita) 

K003 ~ Ms. Consiglio - Sarah Hill (Riley) 
101 ~ Ms. Bloom - Tami Granot (Shani)Co-Parent: Debbie Ward (Lillian) 
102 ~ Ms. Villabrera - Sumayya Andrabi (Hafsah) 
103 ~ Mrs. Zuchnovich - Summer Lord (Bryson) 

201 ~ Ms. Feldman - Dawn Price (Gabrielle) 
202 ~ Mrs. Sheridan - Jinyan Han (Han), Co-Parent: Aiesha Eleusizov (Zamir) 
301 ~ Ms. Kenny - Michael Girard (Mira) 
302 ~ Ms. Lindman - Madina Canciello (Leila) 
401 ~ Ms. Rubenstein - Shirley Payne (Janiah) 
402 ~ Ms. Specker - Loly Diaz (Andrea) 
501 ~ Ms. Lewis ~ Kelly Goff (Faith
502 ~ Ms. Gambino - OPENING!  We need a parent to work with this wonderful teacher and class!  Please contact Summer Lord at if interested!  

Middle School Parent Board:  **NEW THIS YEAR!** 
Contact Ashanti Mandisa (daughter: Trinity) at if you are a parent of a student in Grades 6-8, and want to be part of the Parent Board that will be working on helping with fundraisers, events, and being a strong support group for the Middle School!   

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