Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Class 103 Activity

Last week of October is a Spirit Week at P.S./I.S. 217 (The Roosevelt Island School), which includes Middle School student-teacher basketball game on Wednesday, October 27th, obstacle course activities for Middle School and Elementary students, and of course children's favorite - dressing in different themes for each day.  This year we'll have Crazy Hair Day, Pajama Day, School Colors (purple and yellow) Day, Dress For Success (work attire) Day, with the final theme on Friday being HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!

Message from Class 103 parent Summer Lord:
The last day of the Spirit Week will also be a Halloween Class 103 Party. Time of the Class Party will be determined, as there are still factors TBD with the school schedule. We do know it would be in the afternoon...I will let you know the time as soon as it is decided upon.

Please let me know if you'd be interested in helping for any of the following areas:

1) Help put together one of the Craft/Activity Stations

The activities will be:
*Halloween Bingo
*Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin
*Jack-O-Lantern Art Activity

If someone is willing to make a Halloween Bingo at home using your computer and Clip-Art please let me know! We'd need about 4-5 different cards so you don't need to make all 20 Bingo Cards different!

The other 2 activities we can make the items for on Wednesday after the Pumpkin Scoop, as the children pack up to go to Spanish at about 1:45 pm, so we can stay in the room and work to have everything ready for the Halloween Party on Friday. We'd also be assembling little "goodie-punkins" for the students!

* at least 4 parents that can help during the party with games, treats and fun!


We'll be having a mix of fun and healthy snacks for our there isn't a complete sugar over-load with the children! There is a mix of food and non-food items needed. Please let me know what you can send in for part of the Halloween Fun for that day!

Cupcakes (1 sets of 12 cupcakes. Talia has one set, so only one other set of 12 needed
Please put CHOCOLATE frosting on top! I'm going to add a little "grave-yard" cookie or pretend spider to the top of each cupcake for some ghoulish fun!
A bag of Pretzels, Chex-Mix, etc.
Sliced Apples - 2 parents that can send in about 40 apple slices (4 slices X 10 children)
Juice - 3 parents that can send in a package of 6 low-sugar juice boxes/pouches.
Paper Plates & Napkins - for 20 children, and perhaps a Halloween Design/colors :)

If anyone has any decorations or wants to donate balloons, crepe paper or such, feel free to send that in and during lunch time any parents interested can work to add some Halloween Spirit to the room!

***PLEASE SEND IN ALL DONATIONS FOR THE PARTY BY WEDNESDAY!*** (except for the cupcakes - those wouldn't taste very good by the party! Please bring those on Friday morning!)

Thank you to everyone! If you have any questions about any of this, please email or give me a call. And again if you are willing to sign up for something, please let me know so that we have everything covered and not duplicates in any area.

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