Thursday, October 21, 2010

Class 103 Class Fund

A message from Summer Lord (Class 103 Class Parent):
One of the things that I'm working with Mrs. Zucknovich with this year, is a trial run on a Classroom Discretionary Budget.  This was my idea as I noticed that costs were adding up and when asked I found out Mrs. Z is paying a lot out of pocket for extra things our children are benefiting from in class.  Examples are:  Envelopes and Stamps for the Pajama Drive, supplies, and favors and set-up for class events.   We decided to test run the idea of a Class Budget, and if it works here perhaps it will be the "thing" to do with all classes next year at the school!  If you could please send in $5 this month, and then each month another $5 to be sent in the first week of the month - this will help cover all these extra expenses.  If there is a time when there is a surplus in the class budget, than I will make sure that we let you know not to send in any more donations :)  Until then - if you can please send in $5 cash at your earliest convenience in an envelope marked 'October Money' and have your child turn it into Mrs. Zucknovich.  Thank you very much for your help on this matter!

There is also the Pajama Drive that the class is working on, which an update went home today with news that the class has been able to bring in 25 pairs of pajamas!  I will cover this again in next week's Class Update and include it in with the Hawks Happenings to be sent out with the entire school email list...however, the new point that we all might want to consider is if we know any Corporations or Businesses that will match our donation!

Last tid-bit before going into all the events coming up - Mrs. Zucknovich and I will be planning out events for Parents to come in and volunteer time and be part of the Classroom Experience.  Updates will come shortly!  

Thank you for your support! 

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