Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekly Update From P.S./I.S. 217 (The Roosevelt Island School) PTA

Hawks Happenings
For the week of Monday, Oct. 18th  - Friday, October 22nd:

Parents Stepping UP! 
BIG thank you to these parents that volunteered their time on Picture Day!
Yukari Obinata, Miwako Okumura, Debbie Ward, Shirley Payne, Amy Chavez-Lamb, Tami Granot, Dawn Price, Loly Diaz, Ashanti Mandisa, Hina Asim, Tisha Whitehead, Madina Canciello, Laisa Kalotiti, Aiesha Eleusizov, and Olga Shchuchinov.  

We had so many parents excited to volunteer at the school, that we were able to help with the pictures for each class and individual students AND get these things accomplished: Count Box Tops; Put up Bulletin Boards; Mark donated books for teachers; Prep the Dare to Care Room where students will redeem their personal Beckman Bucks.  Wow!!! 
Thank you to our parents that contribute to our school in so many wonderful ways. 

CHERRYDALE Fundraiser 
Deadline for ALL orders & money - MONDAY, OCT. 25th!   

October Birthday Celebration!
THIS Wednesday the 20th ~ 2:15pm, Cafeteria 
All students with a birthday in the month of October, are invited for a Birthday Celebration with the Principal. *Parents of Birthday Students are invited to attend and help serve cake. Contact Aiesha Eleusizov to volunteer or for any questions:

PTA General Meeting 
Thursday Morning - 8:45AM {upstairs/2nd floor}  ALL parents invited.  
Please come and discuss important updates and information regarding our students and the school at these meetings!  If you have any important questions or concerns, please drop a note either in the PTA Box in the school lobby or email PTA President, Nikki Leopold at  We look forward to seeing you there!  

Become a Learning Leader
Learning Leaders offers a very specific opportunity to become a volunteer within the school. Learning Leaders are trained in strategies for working with children in reading, writing and math - including child development and learning styles. There are also opportunities for Learning Leaders to become part of ArtWorks, Math Tutoring, Science Projects and much more! To become a Learning Leader you must complete ALL 3 training sessions. We are lucky to have the training sessions at PS/IS 217 this month of October...usually they are located at an office downtown - so please consider becoming a Learning Leader and join us for the training!

The dates for Elementary School Training:

  • Monday, October 25th ~ 9-11am
  • Wednesday, October 27th ~ 9-11am
  • Thursday, October 28th ~ 9-11am

The dates for Middle School Training:

  •  Monday, November 1st ~ 9-11am
  •  Wednesday, November 3rd ~ 9-11am
  •  Thursday, November 4th ~ 9-11am

An ORANGE colored paper was sent home from our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Lauraine Rademaker. Please fill this out and turn it back in by October 18th. If you need a new paper please stop by and visit Ms. Lauraine in the office, or email me back and I will see that a paper comes home w
ith your child.

We are excited to have this opportunity and hope MANY of our parents will join in to become a Learning Leader! Visit for more information.

International Dinner
The PTA is excited to start preparations for the International Dinner which will take place this year during the month of November. We are looking for those interested in cooking a dish representing your culture/home country, or in other ways to showcase about where you are from. More information will be sent home this week - please look for the flyer within the next few days!
We hope that you'll consider participating either in preparing something for the event or coming to the dinner in support the unique diversity of the PS/IS 217 Family Community!
For questions or to volunteer, contact Kristi Towey:

BOX TOPS for Education! 
We are in the final 2 weeks to collect BOX TOPS for October! This is a huge month as students will be bringing in the BOX TOPS collected during the summer months as well as September and October. The results are going to be amazing!

Each student is encouraged to find/collect at least 10 Box Tops...however, any amount from 1 to 100 are appreciated! Students should submit BOX TOPS either on a Collection Sheet (located in the Parent Communication Corner/Hanging Folders) OR put into a Zip-loc bag WITH child's name printed legibly in permanent marker. Having the students name is critical so that we can track individual and class progress!
BOX TOP Competitions/Rewards for Classes/Individual Students:
*100 BOX TOPS - Each student that submits 100 BOX TOPS will receive a Certificate for 1 free book of their choosing, to be redeemed with the PTA.
*500 BOX TOPS - ANY class that reaches 500 will earn a 'Build Your Own Ice Cream Sundae Party! Which class will be the first to reach this goal?!
Remember! Check out to sign-up under our school's ID and track our progress. Also, you'll be able to receive coupons and special BOX TOP bonus opportunities!
Questions contact Summer Lord:

  • Monday, 25th - Friday, 29th - SPIRIT WEEK!
  • More info. on themes for each day will be coming! 
  • Friday, 29th - Parents Chit-Chat "Social" Hour, 8:30am 
  • Come get to know other parents, hear PTA updates and talk together in a casual environment. Morning beverages provided. 
  • Friday, 29th - BOX TOPS for OCTOBER DUE! AND Halloween Festivities!

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