Friday, November 13, 2009

Parents/Teacher Conference at P.S./I.S. 217 Gifted and Talented

As a part of the Parents/Teacher Conference this week at The Roosevelt Island School G&T class, we had a wonderful meeting with our teacher. Ms.C. have kept us updated throughout the school year, and during the conference she was able to devote each parent as much time as they needed to discuss their child's progress because our class is so small. We reviewed the report cards, and the teacher was very clear and specific about what is expected of the children in the gifted and talented program. You can see some scans of the categories the children in P.S. 217 are evaluated on at the bottom of this posting. We have also received separate report cards on how the students are doing in their "Special Areas" classes - music, arts, gym, computer lab, and library studies.

The parents I had a chance to talk to, myself included, are extremely pleased with the new Gifted and Talented program in The Roosevelt Island School. Our children learned so much during these first few months in the classroom! It's amazing to see how their writing, reading, math, and reasoning skills progressed in group of such talented peers.

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