Monday, November 23, 2009

New York City Kindergarten Science Scope & Sequence

Below is the NYC Kindergarten Science Scope & Sequence for the second third of the school year provided by the Department of Education. Gifted and Talented acceleration will be provided in The Roosevelt Island School K003 class through curriculum compacting and differentiation of instruction to maximize learning for advanced students. As part of this module students in K003 class will complete in-class interactive activities to support inquiry-based learning.
Exploring properties
How do we observe and describe objects?
Observe and describe physical objects using all of the appropriate senses:
- Size, shape, texture, weight, color, etc.
- Determine whether objects are alike or different
Observe and describe physical properties of objects using appropriate tools:
- Hot/cold (thermometer)
- Weight (pan balance)
- Measurement (nonstandard units) including bigger/smaller, more/less, capacity of liquids
- Observations (hand lenses)
Observe, describe, and identify the properties of materials (e.g., wood, plastic, metal)
Sort or group objects according to their properties:
- Texture, color, shape, etc.
- Sink and float
Complete New York State Elementary Science Core Curriculum is available online.

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