Thursday, September 24, 2009

Curriculum Night at The Roosevelt Island School Gifted and Talented Class

Reading Workshop - (Shared Reading, Independent/Partner Reading, Guided Reading, Read Aloud and Word Study) - students will learn a variety of strategies to decode new words and read books. They will also learn comprehension, fluency and stamina.

Writing Workshop - (Shared Writing, Interactive Writing and Independent Writing) - students will learn to write in a variety of genres including personal narratives, non-fiction, poetry and letter writing.

Fundations - students will review letters/sounds, hone handwriting skills and practice how to sound out and spell new words.

Math - "Everyday Math" units include: Numeration, Patterns and Sorting, Geometry, Measurement, Data, Operations and Computation, Time and Money.

Social Studies - Social Studies units include: Our School Community, Holidays/Traditions and Our Neighborhood.

Science - Science units include: Trees, Animals, Properties and the Life cycle of the Butterfly.

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