Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Class Projects for the 2011 Art Show & Silent Auction at P.S./I.S. 217 (Roosevelt Island School)

We had a few parents that were able to meet with us yesterday for the Art Show & Silent Auction meeting - thanks for coming those of you that were with us! 

For those of you we missed seeing, here is the news to catch you up on.  

We talked about the Class Projects that we need to start after Mid-Winter Break (beginning of March) for the Silent Auction that will be held on Saturday, April 2nd.  Each class makes a project together that we auction off and we are trying to round up ideas for what each class would like to do, and try to see what would sell the best, be easiest to do with the age/grade that we are working with, and to have at least one parent that we can touch base with from each class.  This can be something that you as a Class Parent leads out on, or you can ask to see if another parent would be the key contact for us to work with.  

We are meeting after the PTA meeting on Thursday morning to make as many final decisions as possible with available classes so that we can start on the projects when we get back from Mid-Winter Break.  Please come with any ideas for Class Projects and what you think might work for your class or grade level.  If you need ideas, check out some of these sites that I googled - or search for many other ideas on the internet, ask friends, and use your own great ideas.  Please come with at as many ideas as possible to the meeting on Thursday, and we can sort through what will work....we aren't professionals but so far we discovered a few things that worked and were our non-seller items.  We want every class to have a great time doing their project and have it be something that people can't wait to bid on and want to win for their own! 

The PTA Meeting on Thursday morning will run from about 8:35 - 9 am and then Donn Duerr will be giving his presentation.  We are going to step out after the PTA meeting and meet in the front from of the library so parents can go on their way if they would like, or can tuck back into Donn's presentation after we talk. Please make an effort to come to the meeting, or let me know if you can't be there and if there is another parent you can send to represent your class.  We really are excited about these class projects, however we need to get to work on decisions and timing so that we can work with the teacher's class schedule and not run into the April deadline.  We especially want to be sure to incorporate our Middle School students this year, as last year the time frame was too short and the Middle School students opted to auction off individual pieces....this year we would like and hope we can work out a class project with them.  We need any and all Middle School parents to help out, and also if you as a lower-school parent would help out with the older school we'd really appreciate the extra help for these older classes as well! 

Thanks so much for all you are doing! 
Summer Lord
PS/IS 217 PTA 1st VP

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