Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beggining Addition Games Math Workshop for Parents at The Roosevelt Island School G&T Class

It was great seeing most of the parents during the “Begining Addition Games” Parent Math Workshop at The Roosevelt Island School G&T Class this morning (January 14th, 2010). AUSSIE mathematics coach Nicola G. gave a brief presentation on developing math skills K to 2nd grade. She described various developmental stages of Addition and Subtraction Continuum. To avoid frustration that discourages children from learning math, the coach suggested using appropriate activities for the stage that your child is currently at, instead of pushing the student ahead of him/herself. Practice builds confidence that motivates the child, allowing better progress. The school Principal, who also attended the workshop, noted the importance of articulating the strategy that have lead child to the answer: student has to be able to put his or her reasoning in words.

During the second part of the workshop Ms.C. demonstrated various games with dice that are helpful for learning beginning addition. Using regular dice, numeric dice, their combination or bright oversized dice helps keep students with different learning levels interested.  Although the competitive part is important, the teacher suggested to avoid placing emphasis on “winning”. Children play these games in class both in larger groups, and in pairs – based on their math skills.

At the end of the workshop parents played some addition games with their children in class, which got the little students very excited! You can find a copy of the presentation and print-outs of the games boards in the paper brochure sent home via backpacks. Please practice playing them at home with your children.


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